Hello you.

Do you know how special you are? Did you know that you were created with love and care? Did you know that someone took the time to form you exactly the way you are?

You, my darling, are beautiful. You are talented. You were made for a purpose. You are special. You are so incredibly loved.

Do you ever ask yourself why you don’t look like “her?” Did you ever stop to think that you were made to be exactly who you are? YOU have gifts and talents that other people don’t. YOU have something no one else has. YOU are  s p e c i a l.

I know it can be hard to not look at other people and think.. Why am I not like them? Why am I not as pretty as them? Why am I not as talented as them? Please trust me and hear what I am saying. GOD created you to be just the way you are. He knew what He was doing when he formed you in your mother’s womb. He knew that you were going to be an incredible gift to this earth.

I spent far too long comparing myself to other people that I lost sight of the things I know God has called me to do. Do not let that be you. I’ve been the girl crying in the bathroom at a dinner party because I wasn’t as dressed up as the other women. I would look down on myself because I didn’t wear as much makeup as someone else. I would start to dislike myself because I couldn’t afford to always be wearing something new when my friends saw me. Has that ever been you?

Darling, you are wonderful. Please do not forget that. When the doubts come, r e m i n d yourself that you were  c r e a t e d  for something special. You are l o v e d.



If this has touched you in any way,  p l e a s e  SHARE. You never know who may be needing to read something like this. I know this would have helped remind me of the truth when I was constantly struggling with this. And that is what I want for other women. To be encouraged and inspired to be who they were created to be. And to always remember that they are loved.


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