B r e a k A w a y

I recently found myself consumed with my phone. I would get on it constantly throughout the day to check Social Media. How did this become my life? Just sitting on the couch.. phone in hand.. and getting with CJ because he kept kicking it away. It’s like he was trying to tell me to put it down. I was taking attention away from my baby to look at posts from people who had no idea I even existed. For what?

I saw a friend of mine post about going on a Social Media break. I began to come up with a million different reasons why I couldn’t do it. I knew then there was a problem. I was spending more time seeing what other people were doing that I wasn’t enjoying my own life. Something needed to change.

I ended up getting off of it the next day. It has been so refreshing. I have found more time in the day to get things done. Reading has become a daily staple like it used to. Being able to sit down with CJ on the floor without any distractions has been so nice. I didn’t realize how much time I was simply wasting.

Will I get back on it? Yeah. I have family that is able to see him on there and I do like seeing what my friends are up to. I do plan on monitoring the amount of time I spend though. I am not saying that it is something HORRIBLE that should never have been invented. It just shouldn’t become something we cannot live without. I challenge you to ask yourself what your motives are? Do you spend more time criticizing the people on there or are you trying to encourage and inspire others?

I want everything I do to be a reflection of my Father. It is an amazing platform to let Jesus shine through your life. What are you letting your page say about you? Remember, everything matters.

I’d love to know if this helped you in any way! Please let me know. ❤  What have your experiences been with Social Media?

Until next time,

Bianca Marie




2 Replies to “B r e a k A w a y”

    1. It was definitely something I didn’t have an issue with until I really thought about it. It’s so crazy how things in our lives take away precious time that we cannot get back.


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